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Exceptional Design, Product, Service,
Quality and Manufacturing


Offering various Low, Mid, High power LED modules with
highest quality, performance and total flexibility.


From Concept, Design, to complete LED Module
manufacturing in California


Cooled with SinkPAD-IITM Technology!

Thermal Management
Experts offers you
complete LED solutions

ADURA LED Solutions is all about Cool Lighting. LEDs generate heat and the heat must be managed properly. ADURA LED Cool Lighting Modules uses SinkPADTM-II Technology to provide a High Performance LED Modules to help designers with best in class heat dissipation, longer life and better overall Luminaire performance.

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality LED modules in California, USA, ADURA LED Solutions (ALS) has gained high market shares, accumulated good reputation and credibility in the North America domestic market by offering excellent quality products with a competitive price and exceptional customer service.

LED Light

Our Products

Enhanced technology and authenticated product range of boards and LED Modules

Sinkpad Enhanced Core


SinkPADTM is a PCB technology that makes it possible to conduct heat out of the LED and into the atmosphere in a faster and more efficient manner. While the primary focus of SinkPADTM technology is the rapidly evolving LED market, there are other applications for which SinkPADTM technology is an ideal candidate.

SinkPADTM is dedicated to meet the customer’s demand by supplying SinkPADTM technology products directly as per the design. Our goal is to continue the advancement of SinkPADTM technology and other creative intellectual property and to be a solution provider in the LED thermal management.

The SinkPADTM promise is to reduce LED junction temperature allowing users to increase LED life, increase reliability, increase brightness, increase lumens per LED and reduce dollar per lumens and that is a promise SinkPADTM definitely delivers on.

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Adura LED
Adura LED Solutions

511 Princeland Ct. Corona,
CA 92879, USA

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