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Next Generation LED Solution Provider With Wide Array of Products in LED Modules Portfolio

SinkPADTM is a thermal management Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology that makes it possible to conduct heat out of a LED and into the atmosphere faster and more efficiently than a conventional MCPCB. SinkPADTM provides superior thermal performance for medium to high power LEDs. This is the most economical & scalable "Direct Thermal Path" MCPCB solution available for the LED application.

SinkPADTM technology has magnitudes higher thermal efficiency than even the very best MCPCB in the market. SinkPADTM MCPCB is available with Aluminum base metal or Copper base metal. Aluminum based SinkPADTM PCB can transfer heat at the rate of 210.0 W/m.K and Copper based SinkPADTM PCB can transfer heat at a rate of 385.0 W/m.K Conventional MCPCBs have a heat transfer rate of 1-5 W/m.K The way in which we can accomplish this dramatic improvement is by creating a Direct Thermal Path from the LED to the base metal.

To understand how SinkPADTM technology works let's first review the primary thermal path found in LED applications. In a LED the heat originates at the chip (die) in the same way that in a normal light bulb heat originates at the filament. The key difference is that in the case of a light bulb the heat is radiated into the atmosphere and in the case of a LED heat must be conducted through a series of mediums before it reaches the atmosphere. A high rate of thermal conduction means cooler running LEDs while a low rate means very hot and potentially self-destructive LEDs. If all substances had the same and low thermal resistance then it would not matter how many mediums heat would have to be conducted through before it reached the atmosphere. Since this is not the case, an ideal situation is one in which any substance with a low thermal conductivity & a high thermal resistance is removed from the conduction thermal path. These low thermal conduction/high thermal resistance substances slow the transfer of heat and therefore increase junction temperature. Typically conventional MCPCBs are commonly used to dissipate heat from a LED to a heatsink. MCPCB uses a thermally conductive dielectric layer to bond circuit layer with base metal (Aluminum or Copper). The key to thermal performance of MCPCB lies in its dielectric layer. Even though thermally conductive dielectric has higher thermal performance copared to standard dielectric material it is still a weakest link in the conduction thermal path in the MCPCB. SinkPADTM PCB approach overcomes this limitation and eliminates use of a dielectric material completely from a conduction thermal path. SinkPADTM Technology provides “Direct Thermal Path”, lowering LED junction temperature.

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    The SinkPADTM design has enabled Bruck Lighting to achieve better performance from our existing line of LED fixtures. We use advance designs and materials to manufacture the ...

    ERIC MUTCH Engineering Manager

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    Wild Ideas Company's Chief Engineer and inventor Ian Osborn stated, We in the modern lighting industry are constantly faced with heat dissipation and cooling issues, ...

    IAN OSBORN Chief Engineer

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    Speaking as the Chief Scientist and co-founder of Evluma, LLC, I would like to congratulate SinkPADTM for providing us with award winning thermal technology that ...

    JOHN RENN Chief Scientist & Co-founder

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    Creating an LED replacement lamp for HID lighting applications requires exploiting every thermal advantage we can find. After reviewing the current landscape ...

    PHIL AHRENS Chief Engineer

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