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Next Generation LED Solution Provider With Wide Array of Products in LED Modules Portfolio

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    The SinkPADTM design has enabled Bruck Lighting to achieve better performance from our existing line of LED fixtures. We use advance designs and materials to manufacture the ...

    ERIC MUTCH Engineering Manager

  • img

    Wild Ideas Company's Chief Engineer and inventor Ian Osborn stated, We in the modern lighting industry are constantly faced with heat dissipation and cooling issues, ...

    IAN OSBORN Chief Engineer

  • img

    Speaking as the Chief Scientist and co-founder of Evluma, LLC, I would like to congratulate SinkPADTM for providing us with award winning thermal technology that ...

    JOHN RENN Chief Scientist & Co-founder

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    Creating an LED replacement lamp for HID lighting applications requires exploiting every thermal advantage we can find. After reviewing the current landscape ...

    PHIL AHRENS Chief Engineer

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